The Samurai's Whisper
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The story we want to tell you goes back to the ancient Japanese art - Kabuki theater, which first introduced the technique of erotic bondage - "Shibari"

It will be the main element of the mysterious story, saturated with a vicious desire and its unique way of realization

The Rasputin Men's Club invites you to try on the role of a great commander from the Minamoto clan, famous for his incredible masculine strength and craving for submission to the most beautiful and unapproachable maidens of Japan

The erotic performance begins when you enter the room where two beautiful Geisha are already waiting for you.
In the gentle twilight, only the outlines of their chiseled figures are visible ...
With special respect, the girls help you undress and sit comfortably on the tatami…
A moment later, one of them will cling to your ear and whisper softly:
"Today I will be Your Nawashi, my Lord!
A guide to the world of aesthetic debauchery ..."
After which she stands up and jerkily pulls your second concubine to her, putting her on her knees in front of her. He takes out a long rope and turns to the subordinate:
"Are you ready?"
In the girl's wide-open eyes, fear and wild interest are read, but she cannot utter a word.
The Nawashi girl imperiously throws a rope over the naked torso of your slave with her and with skillful, honed movements begins the most beautiful part of the exotic program - binding using a special "Shibari" technique.

Everything in her movements is clever and thought out.
You just can't take your eyes off this charming action!
While your assistant with crazy sparks in her eyes binds a subordinate, fixing knots on the erogenous zones of the girl, you are watching…
The time comes for the last episode of bondage - it is necessary to secure the slave in a position for hot pleasures.
Nswashi stretches out the edge of the rope to you, thereby involving you in a sexual game. Shows how best to fix a naked, weak-willed girl. While you are excitedly busy, the assistant begins to passionately kiss the Master's body, approaching the epicenter of vivid sensations…
Your excitement is at its limit!

Together with the domineering beauty, you give vent to all your emotions, bringing down on the beautiful, defenseless body of your bound subordinate!
In ardent, refined and perverted ways....
In different ways…
Over and over again…
Because you are the Master!
And only you are the Master of our feelings, fetishes and prohibitions…

A program for sophisticated, special connoisseurs of aesthetic pleasure of Men
It takes place under the strict guidance of the assistant girl.
All masters who perform the program are trained in special techniques of binding "Shibari"
A program where you will be allowed much more than usual…

🎌 Duration: 90-120 min
🎌 Cost: 40,000
🎌 Participating: Two masters
🎌 Theme room (optional)
🎌 Attributes
🎌 Bdsm in a light form towards partners

Drinks and sashimi buffet will be served to you as a compliment.

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